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March 18, 2015


Many clients fear that if they start to talk about the things that they have kept bottled up, kept behind closed doors for all this time, that they will open flood gates that they will never again be able to close. 


I always try to reassure people that the decades, or...

March 18, 2015


This is a wonderful activity to do with children and young people (adults too) and something you can do with your own kids (it is soooo cheap, just paper plates, emplty jars, chalk and salt) 


Mostly kids just want time with their parents (or a different, non-conflict...



We can now officially announce that Big Lottery Fund have granted funding to 

Open Minds for 4 more years, until May 2019!


How good is that?! 


Thank you to all of our volunteers over the years, all of our funders 

(and especially the wonderful Big Lottery Fund) 


Becoming a parent changes many things about how we see the world, but definitely how we view TV!  I had expected to become more aware of potentially frightening scenes, and had looked forward to sharing my childhood favourites with my son.  I had also expected to parti...

Many times clients will phone and ask for someone to be their counsellor who has been through similar things, or is from a similar background. 


At Open Minds we do have male and female counsellors, counsellors of all ages from 21 to 60+, both white and ethnic minority...


The children I work with come for many different reasons,  but they are all without exception some of my favourite people;  I get the honour and joy and pleasure of spending an hour a week in their company, getting messy and creative and helping them to figure out wha...

February 12, 2015

One of the constant joys of being a counsellor is working with children;


getting to use the best of who I am, as an adult and a geek and a tiggerific big kid to help them come to a better understanding of themselves, of the people in their lives and the things that hav...



'hopefully helpful


If there is a topic you would particularly like me to address please use the comments below and I will work my way around to it,  e.g. ideas to help cope with grief,  or ideas to help kids who struggle with anger or impulse control - yo...


I have been somewhat torn about writing a blog.  I like the idea of it;  giving insight into Open Minds,  counselling and the joys and challenges of what we do and who we are).  I do worry though about not representing Open Minds well enough;  being too profession...

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Fantastic, Fabulous, Phenomenal!

March 18, 2015

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March 18, 2015

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