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More about our Ethics and Ethos 

The heart of our counselling 


When we first began offering counselling we quickly realised there was no other service at the time offering free and subsidised counselling to anyone;  adults and children,  on any issue for as long as it is needed.  


We named ourselves Open Minds because that is what we aim to be;  open minded and flexible to the best of our abilities. 


We have male and female counsellors,  counsellors available during the day and outside school and work hours.


We have  ground floor counselling rooms available. 

We want to make it as easy as possible for people to seek and access help.


If there is anything more we can do please let us know -

you can contact us through the enquiry page or can

e-mail us on

or phone us on 07765 224564 

Ethics and Accountability 


We follow the British Association of Counselling and

Psychotherapy's (BACP) ethical guidance for good practice. 


We also,  at the core of our beliefs,  strive to protect all of our clients and children from harm and so if we feel that a vulnerable adult or child is at risk we must take action to try to protect them. 

This can mean reporting issues to Social Services or the police or the NHS crisis team. 


Unless we believe that the client or their carer is themselves the cause of the danger we would not make a referral without informing the client or their carer that it was necessary,  and work to support them through this process. 


If you feel Open Minds has in anyway not met your needs you can e-mail us at or phone 07765 224564. 


You can also write to us via Open Minds,  28 Christchurch Road,  Doncaster,  DN1 2QL. 


If you would like to make a formal complaint you can make your complaint to the Managing Director,  Helen Mason or addressed to Chairperson at the same address. 



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