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More About Therapy 

Therapuetic Approaches 


We believe that the therapuetic relationship between the counsellor and the client is the most important thing towards enabling the client to explore what they need to in a safe and warm environment. 


Towards this we ask all of our counsellors,  regardless of their peofessional styles,  to have a relational foundation to their therapuetic relationships. 


By this we mean that they empathise with the client,  are non-judgemental and they work to the client's agenda.  Mostly our counsellors are humanistic integrative practitioners,  which means they combine elements of different theoretical approaches in order to pull together tools which they use to benefit the client. 

We offer one to one therapy to help people address problems they experience including; 


1)  Anger-management and reducing Domestic Violence

2) Parenting Skills 

3) Relationship and Communication skills 

4) Strategies to cope with inappropriate sexual attraction (including if you are attracted to children)

5) Self-esteem building 

6) Anxiety & Depression 

7) Sleep problems 

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