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What do our clients say about Open Minds? 

"Counselling has made me better. Looking forward to [the] future now" 


"When I was struggling to deal with a particularly stressful time in my life you gave me [my counsellor]...She helped me put some perspective on the things, and gave me strategies to enable me to have the confidence to deal with things when they arise." 


"It helped me get back up out of the shadows" (Child client).


"I looked forward to my sessions...and every time came away feeling a sense of release, a sense of having dealt with something.  I now feel much happier and able to cope with life’s up and downs.  I have since suggested you to others I know who would benefit from your caring, calm approach." 


"My daughter loved the approach – counselling was in a fun,  non-pressure environment.  She actually loved to come to see her counsellor,  understand her feelings and events in her life." 


"The fact that at my time of desperate need I was allocated an appointment with a specialised counsellor within 1 week!  Nearly 1 year on I am ‘on the mend’!  Thanks" 


"An excellent,  constructive,  hugely beneficial service which massively has a positive impact for my family!" 


"The professional,  caring,  understanding approach of all the staff at Open Minds.  When we were desperate for help with our son they were there with practical and sensitive help.  They are angels and it is a service that is desperately needed in Doncaster." 


“You provide an essential service; you are a little oasis of calm in a sometime chaotic world” (Client and their parent).


"I genuinely found that Open Minds have a fantastic service to help and support others,  the staff and volunteers are doing an amazing service,  they are warm,  kind,  genuine,  sincere and very friendly indeed.  Their service is amazing and I sincerely hope they are able to continue providing an outstanding service." 


"It worked in a very positive way for my child who is now happy and well and can now cope with life and all that it throws at him" 


"I truly believe there is a huge need for what [Open Minds] do.  Some people will never realise how much you service is needed as they haven’t had dark enough times to have to find you.  You are angels!" 


 "[My counsellor] helped me to help myself.  The small steps she encouraged me to take each week.  Knowing she was there." 

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