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Portfolio of Non-Concessionary Therapists 

Open Minds is a charity providing one to one and group therapy to children and adults to help improve their lives. 

  • We offer one to one counselling, group therapy, art therapy and more.

  • One to one sessions typically last an hour and group therapies 2 hours.


Concessionary sessions

We operate charitably to not exclude people by what they can afford to pay. 

  • We charge between £0 and £15 per session, based on your household income, for Concessionary sessions. 

The waiting list for concessionary (discounted) sessions for all ages is between 4 - 9 months long. This is because we are incredibly well-reputed and our therapy works; 97% of clients gave us positive feedback. Our therapy lasts for as long as it is useful, starting with up to 10 sessions but continuing for as long as necessary to overcome trauma and psychological distress.

Non-concessionary rates

If you can afford to pay non-concessionary rates which cover the full cost of providing therapy then you will typically wait less than a month for therapy, depending on your needs.
This is because clients who pay non-concessionary rates enable us to employ a counsellor specifically for that time. 

Non-Concessionary sessions are £30 per session. 

All of our non-concessionary (NC) counsellors are private counsellors who have volunteered with Open Minds providing concessionary sessions. As such we know they are experienced, highly skilled therapists who share our ethos towards counselling and helping others. 

NC counselling works in exactly the same way as discounted counselling; you are offered 10 sessions initially, although you may not need this many, or may require more, both of which will be discussed with you counsellor.

Safeguarding and confidentiality are also the same. 

You can learn more about each NC counsellor below. 

MA Art Psychotherapy, BA (Hons) Fine Art.

art intro

I have witnessed the healing potential of working creatively in my own work, and when supporting others. I believe we all have the skills to work creatively, and actively encourage this process in my art therapy sessions. Sometimes, its just re-attuning to these forgotten capabilities. In a session I will offer exploration, with many alternative materials and artistic disciplines relevant to you. My intention as an art therapist is to help you express yourself authentically, through your chosen art direction.

The benefits of making art with a certified professional can lead to relief from overwhelming emotions, trauma and reveal personal insight. While additional benefits have included increased focus, problem solving, confidence, communication, relaxation and enjoyment!

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MBACP, Dip Couns. BSC Hons in therapeutic counselling and supervision, Mental health first aider, Dip Holistic therapies
Rocks of Balance

I have over 7 years’ experience working therapeutically on a 1-1 and group level with adults and young people, working with Open Minds since 2013.

I have had other person centred, client facing roles within a range of charities through Doncaster. I offer you a professional and confidential service in a non-judgemental and respectful arena in which to explore your issues.

I work in an integrated approach and have experience in the following areas:

  • Domestic abuse,

  • Anxiety,

  • Depression,

  • Stress,

  • Low self-esteem,

  • The impact of suicide andelf-harm on the individual, family and friends,

  • Suicidal ideation,

  • Personality disorders,

  • Eating disorders,

  • Learning difficulties,

  • Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Sexual / Psychological / Physical abuse and Neglect, Childhood issues,

  • Anger issues,

  • Bereavement,

  • Drug and Alcohol misuse.

My therapeutic approach has a Rogerian core and I believe in the provision of the following therapeutic conditions required for change namely Psychological Contact, Unconditional Positive Regard (UPR), Presence, Congruence and effective communication of empathic understanding to the client or person. I believe that the therapeutic relationship is the key to the therapeutic process and the progress the client makes.

Courses and CPD training

  • Counselling children and young people with CASY Counselling

  • First aid training

  • Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

  • Play therapy

  • Bereavement, suicide and anger management, domestic abuse and sexual abuse training

  • CACHE- Understanding children and adolescents mental health

  • Mental health first aider

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Accredited Member NCS, Diploma in Humanistic Counselling, L6 Cert in Therapeutic Counselling Supervision. Mental Health First Aider. 
Piano Keyboard

I'm an experienced Person Centred Counsellor working with children (8+) and adults in Doncaster offering one-to-one 50 minute sessions.

I am an Accredited Member of the National Counselling Society (NCS18-07521) and have been working in the mental health arena since 2010 working with adults in both a community setting or 1-2-1.


Being a person centred counsellor means we can work with an issue in a way that suits you – whether that’s sitting and talking, making things in session or completing worksheets – we work in a way that you’ll get the most benefit from.

I can help you to work with: Abuse – Emotional, Physical, Sexual, Adolescence, Anxiety, Assertiveness / Self-confidence / Self-esteem, Bereavement / Loss, Bullying, Depression, Divorce & Separation, Financial difficulties, Generally unhappy with your life, Mindfulness, Post-traumatic stress (PTSD), Relationships, Shyness / Social Phobia, Trauma, Young people and children, Emotional issues, Exams, Relaxation...

I am also a qualified Supervisor and can provide supervision to those within the wellbeing sector.

Dip. Pluralistic Therapeutic Counselling 

Cert. Counselling, Grad. Cert. Counselling, Post Grad. Dip. Counselling, CCF/PG. Cert. Online Therapy, Level 5 Child Psychology, Dip. Counselling Supervision, Levels 2/3/4
Garden Decorations

Therapeutic support is a journey of self-discovery, whereby I walk alongside you, always with you and sharing in your personal growth and achievements. 

I don’t work with right or wrong, good or bad, I simply work with ‘difference’…”a different way of thinking, a different way of feeling and a different way of understanding the world we live in and the world of those who we share it with”. Life is about learning to understand the misunderstood, the difference in our lives and the lives of others, and learning how to recognise and accept that difference, how to embrace that difference and to become part of that difference, to become different in ourselves.

As a Neurodivergent counsellor myself, I work from a Trauma Informed Behavioural perspective, with children [6+] and adults who experience uncertainty and difficulty with Neurodevelopmental Characteristics and Complex forms of Trauma.  My specialist field of interest and research is learning to understand the relationship between Trauma and Autism and the complexity of Sensory Processing within Neurodivergence. 

I can support you in learning to understand how your mind see’s the world through difference, I currently work with individuals and families with:

Forms of Autism, Dyslexia, Visual Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Dyspraxia [Developmental Co-ordination Disorder – DCD] and other forms of Neurodivergence. 

Complex Trauma: PTSD/C-PTSD, Repetitive Trauma, Dissociation, Dissociative Identity Disorder [DID], Inter-generational Trauma, Suicide Ideation and Suicide.

Additionally I have qualified and work in Online Therapy and Supervision since 2014.

I am a fully qualified Clinical Supervisor and currently provide supervision to Student/Qualified Counsellors, Criminal Justice Employee’s, Early Help/Social Workers, Mental Health Employees, Domestic Abuse Support Workers and Well-being Practitioners.

I am also a qualified Training for Training [T4T] Facilitator and have delivered Training in Suicide Prevention and Self-injurious Behaviours.  Currently I am developing and delivering training in Autism/Neurodivergence for both professionals and individuals and their families.

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MBACP, MA Counselling, PGDip Counselling

Old Study

Life can be hard at times. We can experience loss, changes in our health, family circumstances or work life. Maybe our relationships are not fulfilling our needs and we do not know how to change things. At times, we don’t feel good about ourselves, we lose confidence in our ability to cope with life or maybe we feel impacted by past experiences or held back through feelings of anger, shame or guilt. Sometimes we don’t know what’s wrong, but we just know something isn’t right.

I will help you to explore how you feel, giving you a space to talk and be heard. I work in a humanistic integrative way, which means I will help you to find solutions to whatever is troubling you and make the changes that feel right for you.

I am an experienced, qualified counsellor and I work with adults, children (11 years and up) and young people. Before training to be a counsellor, I worked for many years as a teacher, specialising in teaching children with additional educational needs and I have additional training and experience counselling adults and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

I can help with a variety of difficulties including

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Stress

  • Bereavement and loss of all kinds

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Life changes

  • Anger management

  • Low self-esteem

  • Shame

  • Trauma

I am fully insured and a Registered Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and work within their ethical framework. I also hold an enhanced DBS check.

text to follow 

Accredited Member NCS. 
Burst of Light

I am a Person Centred counsellor and my experience includes working with adults, and young people, on a range of issues including; including loss and bereavement, relationship problems, separation and divorce, historical and current domestic, sexual and emotional abuse, anxiety, depression, bullying, low self-esteem, body and image concerns, lack of motivation and direction, workplace issues, the effects of traumatic events, coping with physical and mental health issues, self harm and suicidal thoughts.


The confidential and supportive space of counselling and psychotherapy can help you to work through many different kinds of issues, and I offer both short-term and long-term therapy as required.  I am passionate about my work, and feel it is a real privilege to work alongside each person on their particular journey. 


As a person I am open, genuine, down-to-earth, with a warm and welcoming approach.  I believe that relationship between myself and my client is equal, and based on mutual trust and respect; working together to reach your own unique counselling goal.

Let me walk alongside you on your journey, and help you to reach your goal.

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