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We offer training to counsellors to help them with specialist skills; 


1)  Anger-management & Domestic Violence 

2) First Ideas in Working Therapeutically with Children & Young People

3) Interventions for use in therapy with Children & Young People

4) Safeguarding and Suicidality 

5) Therapy for people with:

                       a) OCD

                       b) PTSD 

                       c) Personality Disorder

                       d) Dyspraxia 

                       e) Autistic Spectrum Disorders 

6) Bereavement therapy

7) Therapy for people who have experienced Sexual Trauma 


What our trainees said:

"Nice informal session, allowing people to talk about their feelings

 Good handouts we can use with our families with nice ideas" 


"I would like to thank Helen and Craig for the opportunity to attend and

participate within the session.  I particularly liked that the emphasis was

based on the practicalities of working with client groups, rather than

concentrating just on the legalities." 


"I have an insight how to deal with things and situations which I found difficult

to deal with how to try and reconcile a situation and problems that may arise" 


"It’s given me ideas that will help me when I start my counselling work in a school this year how to help a young person focus on issues they want to, how to assure them of what remains confidential, and how to identify their choices." 


"The training was delivered in a readily understandable format and concentrated upon the practicalities of working with the client groups, which I found invaluable." 


"The venue was fully accessible and informal in nature. I felt that my contributions to group discussions were valued and that the age of the group was just right." 


"I thought it was an excellent, inspirational and very informative course at open minds." 


"Fantastic course, very relaxed learning, friendly atmosphere in a perfect venue. Delivered brilliantly by Helen who answered all questions fully with examples and definitions. Thank you" 


"Training was very interesting and full of information, ideas and actual experiences. It was fun and very useful." 


"It will make me think about my approach to working with children and young people.

The teaching was of very good quality. It was very informative and in a very relaxed, comfortable atmosphere."

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